(Ages 5-12)

Amazing Athletes P.E. is a game-based sports program designed to engage older children in active wellness through advanced physical fitness challenges and interactive sports lessons.

Progressive Skill-Based Sports Lessons:

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 display a wide range of physical abilities and strengths. Our coaches work with each child to help them strive for their personal best. Each 45-60 minute class engages athletes in non-competitive, sport-specific training for focused development. Athletes work in pairs to develop teamwork, motor skills, and patience.

Teamwork Activities:

Amazing Athletes P.E. promotes skill-based learning and non-competitive play so that each athlete has the confidence to learn and engage. Children engage in introductory partner-based skill activities which help to advance teamwork.

Our strength training activity is always done in pairs. Our fitness challenge relay at the end of class is also always done as a team. We provide our athletes with as many opportunities as possible to develop teamwork, friendships, and advance their social skills in addition to the athletic and academic advancements of the program.

Advanced Fitness Challenge:

Cardiovascular diseases are the #1 cause of death worldwide, including a number of premature and preventable conditions. Amazing Athletes P.E. keeps kids active and engaged with advanced stretching and conditioning activities that increase cardiovascular endurance for better heart health.

All conditioning activities are completed as a group. Our coaches are trained to include breaks as needed to allow every child to participate in whatever their fitness level or independent needs.

Introductory Strength Training:

Strength training conditions the body to handle the requirements of physical activities, making it a crucial part of any sports training or fitness regimen. Weightlifting builds stronger bones and muscles to help protect again osteoporosis and maintain good gross-motor movements. Amazing Athletes P.E. introduces children to strength training using age-appropriate weights, partner-based exercises, and education on the 10 major muscles. Our strength training activities make building muscle, a fun and active part of every athlete’s day!