Empowering Children Through Baseball

At Little Rookies, we believe in the power of baseball to positively impact children and support their physical and personal development. Beyond establishing a foundation for proper baseball techniques, our youth baseball program is designed to help children build self-confidence, embrace teamwork, develop sportsmanship and learn the importance of physical activity, all while having fun!

Program Overview

We go beyond the game to instill a love for baseball in young players. Our focus is on teaching the fundamentals in an all-inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. In our practices, we maintain small group sizes, ensuring each child’s unique needs are met with care and attention. Our dedicated coaches, who undergo thorough vetting and training, deliver safe, fun and engaging age-appropriate lessons with all necessary equipment provided.

Parent & me

Designed for toddlers and parents as a fun first experience with baseball!

The Parent & Me program offers toddlers a gentle introduction to the basics of baseball, with the reassuring presence of a parent or caregiver by their side. Engaging in enjoyable drills and games, the little ones are introduced to tee hitting, throwing, catching, fielding, running, and overall physical exercise.

Our coaches collaborate with both the children and their parents in intimate group settings, focusing on positive feedback. This program promises a memorable and delightful experience for both you and your young one!


Designed as an introduction to baseball or a continuation from Parent & Me.

The Minors program offers an engaging way for young kids to begin their baseball adventure. It focuses on teaching the correct methods of hitting, throwing, catching, fielding, and running, all within a playful and non-competitive setting.

The program aids in their physical growth and motor skill enhancement, and it encourages concentration and adherence to instructions. It serves as an excellent social gateway into a team setting under the guidance of a coach, laying a solid groundwork for their future progress in the sport.


Designed to improve and advance skills.

The Majors program offers young kids the opportunity to master hitting, throwing, catching, fielding, and running using correct techniques. Through engaging games and exercises, children learn these skills in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere.

Beyond baseball, the program focuses on enhancing athletic abilities and supporting both physical and personal growth. This dynamic and exciting program lays a solid foundation for your child’s future success in baseball, preparing them for advanced levels of play.

the little rookies experience

Our 40 to 60 minute classes are action packed with hitting, throwing, catching, movement, and agility drills for all skill levels. Each session starts with a dynamic warm-up, followed by skill-based group games, and finishing with “The Show!” 


Our action-packed program teaches baseball fundamentals in a fun, non-competitive environment.


We teach the proper baseball techniques for throwing, catching, hitting, fielding and base running.


We shape future athletes by building athletic skills and teaching the importance of physical fitness.


We empower social development through teamwork, cooperation and leadership.


We support emotional development by building confidence through optimism and encouragement.


We encourage physical activity through agility, coordination and balance with a focus on developing fine motor skills.

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