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Amazing Athletes of Columbus Metro

Kristie Linard, Program Coordinator

Hello Everyone!

My name is BJ Hamilton. I’m the Program Coordinator for Amazing Athletes of Columbus Metro!

My life-long goal is inspire the next generation of athletes in anyway that I can. Through the world of sports and life-long lessons that the children could carry-on as they grow up just like I was! It’s true that working with young children can be a challenge, but it’s also extremely rewarding. I understand that adults can learn valuable lessons from working with children. Starting this new and exciting journey in life, I look forward to gaining the satisfaction of giving back, helping kids, and finally finding that fulfilling career that I can be proud of.

I have been active in sports for as long as I can remember. When thinking back, I can appreciate the fact my coaches did more than just teach sports – but also fill the role of a mentor and helped me strive to achieve a healthy, happy life. I am looking forward to combining my passion for children and sports to make a BIG IMPACT in the Columbus community.

As the leader of Amazing Athletes of Columbus, I will always remember the 3 things that inspired me to follow my heart:

1)         Working with Children is Fun and Empowering – What’s better than watching a kid who could barely kick a ball when you started, become a child who plays soccer at a competitive level? As a teacher, you get to see these kinds of transformations on a regular basis, knowing that you were a part of that transformation. It’s empowering to help kids grow as individuals and as a team.

2)         Creating Lifelong Relationships – The children you interact with won’t forget the role you played in their lives, as well as, the friendships they make during class.

3)         Being a Mentor – As a mentor, building kids up and giving them the tools they need to succeed is the top priority.

Ultimately, I look forward to working with children because I LOVE IT! I’m excited about the opportunity of giving back to the community, helping kids excel, and mentoring the next generation of athletes.