Set up an in-person private class & camp  – now also available as interactive virtual classes!


Private classes and camps are a completely personalized experience—set up a one-on-one, sibling, or small group session. Work on the fundamentals or give extra focus on a particular skill you and your player want to enhance.


You say when and where, and we bring the sports fun there! Just send us a request to arrange a mutually convenient day and time.


You may also request your favorite coach to lead your class and camps, dependent on availability.


Private Classes and Camps can meet at any appropriate indoor or outdoor space available near you, including parks and even your own backyard! Coaches can also come to your building’s gym, playroom, squash court, or other open space. Some schools will even make their gyms available to their students’ families.

Private Classes

Private classes offer a 60 minute class session, allowing you the option to completely personalize your class experience. Work on fundamentals or give extra focus on a particular skill to enhance.

Private Camps

Private Camps are 3-hour sessions for a more extended play and learning experience.