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Amazing Athletes is looking forward to customizing our programming for you this coming school year-both in-person and virtually if needed as we navigate this new landscape.


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Amazing Athletes is the premier year-round developmental sports and physical fitness program designed to empower children through learning the fundamentals of 10 different sports and positive movement experiences with a focus on meeting their motor-development milestones.

Our unique programs help to develop key motor skills and instill the values and advantages of structured active play for healthy habits and benefits that can last a lifetime. All of our Amazing Athletes programs are taught in group settings, allowing our coaches to incorporate lessons on teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-confidence.

Most importantly, we teach each child at his or her own pace, helping them to meet, master, and exceed their motor development milestones and personal goals. By encouraging each child on an individual level, our athletes gain the confidence and personal insight to encourage a love of fitness that can stretch through adolescence and adulthood.

Amazing Tots

Amazing Tots

Ages: 18 – 24 months

A guided, discovery-based program helping children engage in structured physical activity tailored to the developmental needs of toddlers. Each 20-25 minute class encompasses one sports lesson along with a balanced combination of structured physical challenges and organized discovery-based sports lessons. Significant emphasis is placed on motor-development with weekly activities designed to develop the vestibular system and locomotor skills.

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes

Ages: 2-7 years old

Our fun, active classes encourage kids to explore and develop a variety of athletic skills through the introduction of 10 different sports. Coaches break the fundamentals of each sport-based skill down into simple steps based on each child’s age and ability. During our 30-35 minute weekly classes, children learn the importance of patience, teamwork, and self-confidence in a non-competitive, learning-based environment that fosters a love of healthy living.

Amazing Athletes P.E.

Amazing Athletes P.E.

Ages: 5-12 years

A game-based sports program designed to engage older children in active wellness through advanced physical fitness challenges and interactive sports lessons. During our 45-60 minutes class, we integrate strength training, speed & conditioning, advanced partner-based motor-skill training activities, and team-based endurance challenges.

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