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Amazing Athletes Oahu, HI

Sue Bigelow, President

Sue Anne & Ben love children and enjoy spending time with their two energetic and cheeky boys, Bo and Brix Man! They have a fit and active lifestyle. Ben was a swim instructor and Sue Anne started running and dancing at a young age. They understand the importance of fitness, sports and healthy living. They are extremely passionate about teaching and giving kids equal opportunities to build a strong foundation in sports and instill a love for sports at a young age. They really believe that no child should be left behind in sports and every child has the potential to succeed if given the right coaching, encouragement and exposure.

Amazing Athletes gives Sue Anne & Ben the perfect platform to introduce all 9 ball sports to kids on OAHU in a structured, effective and fun manner. Sue Anne & Ben are so delighted and thankful for this awesome opportunity to make a difference in your child’s life. They look forward to working with your kid and experiencing the joy of seeing your child learning, developing and advancing in fitness and sports!

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