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Your Preschool Exercise Program in Fort Collins Offers Spring Activities

Are your children eager to get outside and play as soon as the snow melts and the temperatures start to rise?

It is hard to imagine that spring is almost here as we just had snowfall over the weekend. But if you listen carefully, you can hear birds chirping and the longer days are an indication that we can soon enjoy the outdoors to run, play and explore.

In preparation for spring, Amazing Athletes of Northern Colorado, your preschool exercise program in Fort Collins, offers these wonderful activities you can do with your children.

Scavenger Hunt

When spring is here, don’t let your children watch it arrive through the windows of your home, have them experience it with a spring-inspired scavenger hunt. Make a list of the sign of spring and them take them to the park or a nature trail and turn them loose. Let them use sight, smell and sounds to discover emerging flowers, buds on a tree, worms and a bird’s feather.

Fly a Kite

When was the last time you flew a kite? Springtime breezes give you the perfect opportunity to take your children out to fly a kite.

Flying fike is certainly a ton of fun, but it is also beneficial. In addition to the obvious gross motor skills, your children gets to work on several key areas including problem-solving, concentration and self-confidence.

Sidewalk Art

Encourage your children to get in touch with their inner Pollock or O’Keeffe by making your sidewalk or driveway a canvas. They can create a self-portrait, trace their shadow or draw a map, the creativity is endless.

Make sure you take some pictures of their creations before the next rainstorm.

Plant a Garden

Reconnect your child with the wonder of nature by showing them how a tiny seed can grow into a plant. The garden you plant and maintain together will provide healthy foods, give your kids exercise all summer long and give them the perfect excuse to play in the dirt.

Go on a Picnic

Spring is the perfect time to go on a picnic because the days aren’t too hot and the flies and mosquitoes are not out in full force yet. The best way to go about having a picnic is to toss a blanket in the car, stop by a deli for some gourmet sandwiches and head out to the park or another nature-like location and enjoy the calm and quiet while eating great food.

Ride a Bike

Fort Collins boasts miles and miles of bike trails, spring is the perfect time to utilize them. You can quite literally spend the better part of a day on the bike trails in Fort Collins and ride from one side of town to the other. After a morning of bike riding, you can stop and enjoy lunch with your kids at one of the fine local eateries.

Getting children to move and engaged in activities is very important for their health and development. Amazing Athletes of Northern Colorado uses sports as a catalyst to meet the needs of the whole child. Contact us for details.


Why Fort Collins Preschool Fitness Activities are Critical

Team sports do more than just keep kids fit. The healthy habits they instill will benefit players not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

With childhood obesity plaguing our youth, team sports are a solution to providing children with the exercise they need. As you know, regular exercise boosts immunity, strengthens bones, burns calories and muscles and helps establish healthy habits that children take into adulthood.

Physical activities in sports also have an educational impact on children. When children play sports or are active in general, changes can be seen in motor skills development and performance. This shows a positive relationship between physical activity and psychosocial development.

Physical education and sports are a fundamental part of early childhood development and contribute to the holistic development of kids. Preschool fitness activities through sports or other means are critical for our Fort Collins youth. Amazing Athletes offers a rundown of the benefits of sports for kids.


Joining a sports team gives children a sense of belonging and it’s a great way to meet new friends. In fact, some of the friends you make while playing on a sports team could become buddies for a lifetime.

Many kids have friends they see at school or at daycare. But when kids get involved with team sports, it gives them another social circle outside of school. And in a time when nearly one in four kids report to being bullied at school, a sports team could be a great source of social support.

Controlling Emotions

We expect children to learn to control their emotions as they age. We especially want them to control the negative emotions.

When children play sports, emotions can sometimes run pretty high. Good coaches understand this and they understand that negative emotions can hurt performance. For this reason, coaches teach children how to channel their negative emotions the right way, in a way that will help them perform better.

Once this is ingrained, children apply this to situations outside of sports. They learn to function better in a whole range of life challenges because they are better equipped to do so.

Respect Authority

Children who need an extra dose of discipline should be signed up for a sport. There are several things children learn when they are involved in a team sport. They need to follow the rules, learn to take direction from the coach and they need to accept decisions that are made that they may not agree with. Best of all, players are penalized when they cheat or exhibit bad behavior.

Through regular interaction with referees, coaches and other players, children learn to respect elders and listen to their peers.

Learn to Lose

When children engage in sports, they learn to lose and they learn to lose with grace and dignity. There is no problem being a competitive player and expressing frustration through non-aggressive ways, but nobody likes a sore loser and bad sportsmanship is ugly to see.

Coaches teach players how to be good opponents and instead of throwing a tantrum when they lose, they are taught to lose with honor.


Perfection takes patience. And it takes a lot of practice to be patient. Practice will play a very large role in any sport a child plays because for most, this will be their introduction to the sport.

Coaches do very well with letting children know that it will take time before they get better at something. They encourage children to aspire to perfection but send the message that it will take time.


A high-five from the coach or a pat on the back by a teammate, even when the team has lost, is all about building character. There are many studies that suggest sports contribute to the development of self-esteem in children.

Coaches teach children that the game isn’t just about winning or losing, just as important is the effort and enjoyment. In order to better support your children who are in sports, it is best to ask how a game went rather than asking if they won.


Sports teaches children that it is not always about themselves, rather, it is about what is best for the team. If the better decision is to pass the ball to a teammate, then that is what is taught. Kids are taught that egos are not good for the team and drag down morale.


When kids play team sports, they have to deal with winning, losing and the highs and lows of competition. It is a little bit like a wild roller coaster ride.

Playing sports is all about learning from mistakes and bouncing back ready for more. These lessons help kids become mature and well-rounded adults.

Amazing Athletes loves getting children out moving and teaching them to love athletics. Contact us for more details.


We Encourage Fine Motor Activities and Nutrition for Preschoolers in Greeley

Eating a healthful diet has many benefits throughout life. But starting these healthy eating habits as a child can have long-term advantages. Following healthy eating choices during the formative years of childhood make it all the more likely that these habits will stick throughout their lives.

Just as it is important to encourage fine motor activities for preschoolers in Greeley, it is important to teach healthy eating habits. Amazing Athletes offers you the benefits of eating healthy foods as a child.

Definition of Eating Healthy

Healthy eating involves consuming a variety of nutritious and whole foods. When you incorporate foods from all of the food groups into every meal, you create a meal that is both healthy and well-rounded.

Each plate of food you serve to your children should compromise of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. A small portion of each meal should consist of dairy. Foods that contain excess fats and refined sugars should be only served on occasion and not included in every meal.

Brain Development

Children who indulge in a healthy diet receive benefits in brain development. Research shows us that if a child does not get an adequate amount of iron and iodine, there may be instances in which the child experiences both cognitive and motor development delays.

Children who lack essential fatty acids might suffer delays in development and learning.

Growing Up Strong

In order to support physical development and growth, children require daily dietary needs. Foods that contain minerals, vitamins, protein and complex carbohydrates provide the necessary nutrients children need for growth and development. Experts in the field recommend that children eat a minimum of five servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

Other Health Issues

As we grow older, we have to deal with such chronic health issues as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. Research shows that these chronic conditions can be traced back to an unhealthy childhood diet.

Eating healthy also reduces the health problems many children face. For example, children who eat healthy foods may experience fewer cavities.

When children start their lives with a healthy diet, they may be able to avoid many of the health issues that can affect them as children and as adults.

Children’s Bodies

The first eight years of a child is critical as children’s bodies develop at a very rapid pace. For example, growing bones and new teeth require calcium, which can be found in cheese, yogurt and milk. Children also have a lot of water in their bodies, more than adults do, so they need additional liquids so they don’t get dehydrated.

Not Eating Enough

During World War II, the Nazis blocked food deliveries to Germany-occupies sections of the Netherlands. This happened during an unusually snowy and cold winter and was implemented to punish the Dutch resistance to German occupation.

Mothers who were pregnant at the time of the forced famine and very young children did not receive enough healthy foods. Children born even after the occupation and famine had an elevated death rate in their first years of life. As adults, this segment of the population displayed an abnormally high level of diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and kidney damage.

Unhealthy Foods

Just as there are benefits of healthy foods, there are also consequences for eating foods that are unhealthy. There are also negative consequences when children are allowed to eat too much.

The number of obese teenagers has tripled since 1980 and it isn’t because the right choices were made when it comes to food.

Amazing Athletes understands the importance of a healthy diet and covers nutrition in our discovery-based programs. Give us a call if you have questions.


Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers in Fort Collins are Important

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements, which usually involves small and precise finger, thumb, wrist and hand movements.

Movement is at the very center of young children’s lives and is critical in every aspect of their development. Motor skills are an essential component of development for all children. Your child’s mastery of fine motor skills will enable them greater independence. Amazing Athletes understands that fine motor activities for preschoolers in Fort Collins are important. We empower children by using sports as a catalyst to engage their inner strengths and abilities so they can confidently pursue an active lifestyle through each state of development. Here is the value of movement activities for young children.

Motor Skill Development Now Impacts the Future

Young children start to refine the skills they have already learned and then begin to apply them to play activities, like riding a bike or climbing a jungle gym for example. Eventually, many children will begin playing organized sports. If so, having well-developed motor skills translates into increased confidence in the sport they are playing as well as other aspects of their young lives.

The fine motor skills children learn when they are young go far beyond playing basketball or baseball, they use them to get themselves dressed in the morning, feeding themselves breakfast, brushing their teeth and in doing schoolwork like writing and drawing.

A child with underdeveloped motor skills is a child who develops at a slower pace.

Improving Motor Skills

By the time your child reaches the age of five, they should have the ability to skip, hop and jump. This is also the age when your child starts to show improved balance and is able to walk heel-to-toe, walk backward and ride a bike. Here are a few childhood activities that will help in your child’s development.


Swinging is a basic playground activity that teaches your child balance and knowing where their body is in space. It will also give them practice with fine motor skills, gross motor skills and coordination as well. In addition, swinging will also help their brain make better sense of speed and direction.


Climbing playground equipment and trees help your child’s development. In order to climb a tree or playground equipment, your child needs to build an awareness of their body parts and what can be done with them. Climbing also encourages problem-solving and predicting what will happen next. For example, your child will need to determine where to place their foot next and what to do after they have reached the top.

Ball Games

Games like kickball and tetherball help in your child’s development as they need to figure out how to hold onto a ball, throw it, kick it or otherwise manipulate it. Children also develop strategies when they are playing ball games, like whether to throw the ball or run with it. This encourages critical thinking skills and problem-solving.

Amazing Athlete Northern Colorado provides programs that are specifically structured to encourage positive movement experiences. Give us a call for details.


Preschool Fitness Activities in Fort Collins Boost Brain Power and More

When people think about getting fit, they automatically assume it involves weights, a gym, lots of sweat and rigorous activity. The truth of the matter is that you can get into shape and stay in shape by climbing flights of stairs, swimming, tossing a baseball around and walking to the store.

When you are physically fit, you look better and feel better about yourself. The earlier a child starts getting exercise and staying in shape, the better the chances those healthy choices stick with them throughout life.

We often hear about exercise for children as a remedy for poor health and obesity, but there are plenty of other reasons exercise is important for children. Amazing Athletes knows how important preschool fitness activities are for children in Fort Collins. Here are just a few benefits your kids will enjoy when they exercise on a regular basis.

Strengthens Bones

Just as your muscles grow stronger when you exercise, bones also grow stronger. Exercise increases bone density, which is what your bones need to avoid becoming porous and fragile.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Exercise reduces blood sugar levels, which is key in preventing the onset of diabetes. Generally speaking, blood sugar drops after exercise and remains lower for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Controls Weight

When children sit around all day doing nothing, the unused calories they consume accumulates as fat. But children who exercise burn these calories, which take away the fat and lowers weight.

Improves Energy Levels

Exercising on a regular basis makes children feel more energetic, it makes them want to be more active. It also reduces the chance they will tire out during the day.

Strengthens the Heart

The heart is a muscle and just like all of the other muscles in your body it performs much better when it is regularly challenged by exercise. Your heart responds to exercise in very positive ways by becoming more efficient and stronger.

Improves Mental Health

Exercise increases the brain’s metabolism. Research has shown that children who are active have improved memory and better brain function. Exercise, even fun exercise that children love, literally burns away excess harmful hormones and increase the release of beneficial ones.

Studies show that children who are active and get exercise on a regular basis have an easier time concentrating, which is key in establishing new memories and improved moods.

Improved Self-Esteem

Because children perform so much better when they get regular exercise, their self-esteem and confidence get a big boost as well. They have the ability to overcome difficult challenges and their situations improve and they enjoy a sunnier outlook on life.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels. Even children benefit when stress levels go down.

At Amazing Athletes, we use sports as a catalyst to meet the needs of the whole child through non-competitive, sports-based fitness classes designed to advance each child’s individual motor-skills and inspire future participation in physical activity. Give us a call today!