Company Foundation:

Amazing Athletes was founded in 2003 by Glen and Janee Henderson.

Glen, an international business major, and Janee, a Doctor of Chiropractic, always knew they wanted to start their own business, and soon after their marriage they opened their own chiropractic office. But after having their first child, Ethan, they found themselves drawn to the early childhood industry. Fusing their love of sports with their passion for early-education, the original Amazing Athletes program was launched in 11 preschools across Orange County in Southern California. The classes made an immediate impact and growth was tremendous for the couple. Soon, they were approached by an individual asking if they would consider franchising the program in order to reach even more children.

While franchising was not their original goal, the opportunity to reach children across the nation wasn’t one Glen and Janee could pass up. In 2006, the company brought in its first franchised provider. Today, there are more than 100 providers across 26 states. Both Glen and Janee continue to play an active role in Amazing Athletes and as the company continues to grow, their goal of enhancing every child’s early learning experience through meaningful physical activity continues to become a reality.