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Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads, VA

Leah Richmond, Co-Owner

Leah was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Long Beach, California. She currently resides in Norfolk, VA. She was an All-American, varsity track and field athlete in high school and continued to compete on a collegiate level. She received her Bachelors in Psychology from Hampton University and she is now pursuing her Masters in Sports Leadership to become a NCAA Collegiate Compliance Officer. Leah’s matriculation revealed that she had a true passion for sports.

After witnessing her mother pass away from breast cancer, she became an advocate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by stressing the importance of eating healthy and staying physically active. Leah realized then that she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them on a physical and spiritual level. She channeled this energy into her love for kids and now she is enjoying being a part of the Amazing Athletes team!

Cordereau Dye, Co-Owner & Marketing Director

Cordereau was born in Charlotte, NC. He currently resides in Norfolk, VA. Cordereau started out as a child actor, starring in several movies and television commercials from 1997-2005. He received his Bachelors in Marketing and Cinema Studies from Hampton University in 2009. After a 10 year career as a Marketing Executive, Cordereau became a part of the Amazing Athletes franchise system in September 2016 as the Co-Owner and Marketing Director of the Hampton Roads territory. Cordereau has a passion for community outreach, mentoring and tutoring, and building long term business relationships, which in his current role will lead to the enrichment of the lives of children through sports and physical fitness.

Kirsten Worley, Lead Coach

Kirsten was born in Portsmouth, VA. She currently resides in Fort Monroe, VA. Prior to becoming a part of the Amazing Athletes team, she worked in the healthcare field for six years. She learned about Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, which is strongly influenced by the developmental stages of childhood and how it influences posture and everyday movements in adulthood. Kirsten has worked in the Optometry setting working with patients ranging from all ages. She played varsity basketball and soccer in high school and continued to play basketball at the community college level. Kirsten believes sports can teach children life-skills and build confidence. She received her Bachelor’s in Science with a concentration in Kinesiology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Additionally, she has received her infant and adult CPR certification. Kirsten enjoys creating fun, engaging and educational activities while demonstrating priority in child safety and well-being. She is passionate about being positive, so it may inspire and influence others to be the best version of themselves. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, walking her dogs, and being with friends and family.