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Amazing Athletes of Greater Omaha

Our payment page is a reference for the students and families of Amazing Athletes of Greater Omaha.

Registration Fee:

Upon enrollment each student will be charged our annual registration fee of $16.00. This fee is charged initially upon enrollment and then again each September that follows. All new students will receive a FREE limited-edition T-Shirt upon initial enrollment and again the following September. This fee is included with your initial monthly tuition payment and paid through the registration/payment process.

If you would like to register, please click HERE to find your class location and complete your registration.
Tuition Payments:

As of August 1, 2019, Amazing Athletes of Greater Omaha will take online payments only. Upon initial enrollment your card will be charged the annual registration fee and an appropriate amount based on the time of month you enroll. You card will then be charged the monthly tuition fee on the 1st of each month that follows.

If you enroll multiple children, use the discount code SIBLING to receive a $10 discount on the second child enrolled.

To Cancel your child’s enrollment, send an email to: ctrindle@amazingathletes.com to have your recurring payment removed. We require a two week written notice to remove a child from the program to ensure we are able to stop your payment prior to the next draft.
Billing Questions:

For any questions regarding billing or your Amazing Athletes of Greater Omaha account please contact Christina Trindle: ctrindle@amazingathletes.com or 402.660.7886