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Tuition is paid based on the type of programming selected by the host Locations. Locations may select either year-round or session-based programming.

Year Round Location Subscriptions: Most preschool locations are year-round program locations, wherein the classes run every week, year round, including public school breaks, holiday breaks, spring and winter breaks and throughout the summer. Tuition subscriptions are collected on a monthly basis and the same amount of tuition is drafted each month.

Monthly Subscription Tuition in a year-round location is automatically processed on the first of each month and covers four weekly classes. Mid-month enrollment will be prorated accordingly.

Session Locations: Session based programs run a predetermined number of weeks in certain locations. The length of the session and number of total classes may vary from location to location (i.e. 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 14 weeks, etc.) Session tuitions are paid in full at the time of registration.

In five week months, Amazing Athletes of Greater Atlanta (AAGA), at their discretion, may or may not hold a class at a school location. No additional tuition charges are assessed for 5th week classes.

Registrants will receive an automated email notification each time a tuition payment is declined for any reason (i.e. Card Expiration, Insufficient Funds, etc.) Tuition payments declined for insufficient funds are subject to a $10.00 NSF fee. A new form of payment may be added at any time in your Amazing Athletes account.

Tuition payments not processed by the 10th of the month are subject to a $10.00 Late Fee.

Athletes registrations are subject to cancellation 30 days after the date of initial payment failure and payment failures are subject to collections.

Any additional tuition related questions may be addressed to Gregory Calvosa, Owner, at 770-990-4748 or via email at


The Annual Academic Year Registration Fee covers all administrative, insurance, marketing and equipment related costs associated with our programming at your location.

At the time of registration, the annual academic year registration fee will be due and processed along with the tuition for the first month of enrollment. The registration fee is applied once each academic year and covers the current academic year from August through May. Only one registration fee is due each academic year.

For continuing athletes, re-enrollment in the program will occur automatically. The annual academic year registration fee will be charged to the default form of payment at the beginning of each school year and returning families will be notified in advance of the fee processing.

Any athlete registering in our program during the summer months (June and July), and who continues with the program in the following academic year, will not be required to pay an additional registration fee at the beginning of the new academic year.


Enroll the easy way by browsing our locations and clicking REGISTER NOW at your preferred class location to select your class and complete your online enrollment. After enrollment you can review our POLICIES page for detailed information about our program.


At any time, you may CANCEL your subscription and your athlete may be WITHDRAWN from the program with TWO WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE to us by the Parents / Guardians. In order to avoid any undesired tuition charges on the first of the following month, please provide your two week notice by the 15th of the month preceding your desired withdrawal date.

Parents / Guardians are required to provide appropriate notification of withdrawal using their AMAZING ATHLETES ACCOUNT.

HOW TO WITHDRAW: LOG IN to the registration system. LOCATE the blue “ACTIONS” button at the bottom of the Amazing Athletes account page. SELECT the “WITHDRAW” function. ENTER your desired date of withdrawal and your reason for withdrawal.

Your account WILL BE ACTIVE until the requested date of withdrawal.

The HOST LOCATION is NOT responsible for providing AAGA with the enrollment status for your athlete.

Parents / Guardians are at all times 100% responsible for providing the information required to withdraw their athlete from the program. Failure to do so in timely fashion may result in additional tuition charges and does not alleviate the responsibility to pay the tuition due through the final date of withdrawal, regardless of whether or not the athlete is present or participating in the program at their location.

Amazing Athletes of Greater Atlanta (AAGA) is NOT responsible for unilaterally withdrawing athletes from the program at any time. AAGA is NOT required to make inquiries about any athletes’ enrollment status in their school location at any time.

AAGA is responsible for processing the WITHDRAWAL promptly and effecting the withdrawal process as described above.


Parents / Guardians may PAUSE the subscription with AAGA by using their AMAZING ATHLETES ACCOUNT.

HOW TO PAUSE: LOG IN to the registration system. LOCATE the blue “ACTIONS” button at the bottom of the Amazing Athletes account page. SELECT the “PAUSE” function. ENTER your desired dates of PAUSE and your reason for your PAUSE.

We shall be notified of your request and confirm receipt.


MAKE UP CLASSES will be attempted and rescheduled within a reasonable time frame or REFUNDS will be provided in any instance wherein Amazing Athletes is responsible for a missed class (i.e. coach illness or absence) or for weather related cancellations.

NO REFUNDS will be given for classes missed due to Parent/Guardian determined absence at their location.

NO REFUNDS will be given for classes missed due to closures by the hosting location.

NO REFUNDS will be given for classes missed due to national holiday closures.

NO REFUNDS will be given for classes where our team arrived to execute our program at its regularly scheduled time, but the class was then cancelled by the hosting location (i.e. floods, events, teacher workdays, field trips, etc.)

NO REFUNDS will be provided if athletes are not collected for class due to violations of the dress code.


Athletes should wear their Amazing Athletes shirt to class each week. In general, athletes should wear attire suitable for athletic activities. Clothing should be comfortable and permit freedom of movement. Long or ankle length dresses or skirts are not appropriate attire for athletic activities.


Weather appropriate clothing for the season is required.

Our year-round classes may be held outdoors and WINTER OUTERWEAR IS MANDATORY FOR EVERY ATHLETE IN COLD WEATHER. At the discretion of the coach on site, any athlete without appropriate outerwear for the weather at the time class occurs will not be collected for their class. We are not responsible to ensure outerwear is provided.

Safety is our primary concern and SNEAKERS OR CLOSED TOE SHOES ARE REQUIRED to participate in Amazing Athletes.

CROCS (or any derivative thereof), flip flops, thongs, sandals, slippers, slides, or any other style of footwear that fails to protect the toes and feet of a child, and or which may pose a tripping or slipping hazard, fly from the foot of an athlete and cause possible injury to your own or any other child when running, jumping, kicking or any other physical action, may result in the prohibition of participation in our weekly class.

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