Franchise Opportunities

Do you have a passion for sports and love working with kids? Want to own your own business and set your own schedule?

Turn your passion into a career through Amazing Athletes!

We work to help each child develop confidence, teamwork, and other important skills in our non-competitive, learning-based environment. Franchise owners at Amazing Athletes do much more than just teach sports fundamentals; they promote teamwork, develop essential motor skills, and build confidence in children of all ages. They are not just coaches and trainers; they are inspiring mentors, self-motivated business owners, and activators of today’s youth.


Amazing Athletes is a year-round educational sports program that helps children develop 7 key areas of motor development through the introduction of 10 different sports’ fundamentals. Our mobile programs use age-appropriate equipment and a carefully crafted curriculum endorsed by an early childhood expert.


Since 2006, Amazing Athletes has empowered franchise owners. Today we have over 650 locations, over 100 franchise units, and can be found in 28 states. And we continue to grow all the time!


Amazing Athletes has also ranked among Entrepreneur 500 for four consecutive years, rated as one of the highest children’s sports development programs in the country.


If you haven’t already, take this time to watch our documentary by BreakthroughsPTV:

Be The Movement:

Amazing Athletes has consistently ranked as one the the nations top franchises to own by Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review,  Military Franchising and more thanks to its low startup cost, high profit return, and exceptional franchise experience.

Home Based Business
  • As a mobile franchise, there is no need to rent or purchase a store front or facility.
No Experience Necessary
  • At Amazing Athletes we have franchise owners from all different career backgrounds. The only thing we require is a passion for kids and a drive to succeed.
Low Start-Up and Overhead
  • Low overhead, high-profit margins, and flat-rate royalties help our franchisees thrive while doing what they love. 
Proven Business Model
  • Our proven business model involves detailed year-round lesson plans for three different age groups. Our curricula is approved and endorsed by early childhood expert Bonnie Bruce. 
Comprehensive Training
  • Our week long comprehensive training gives you the tools to succeed with  a complete system overview, franchise operations and management guidelines, sales and marketing techniques, hands-on curricula training, in field observation and coaching practice, and more. 
On-Going Support
  • In addition to a personal franchise liaison, our franchisees also have access to individual web pages with back portal system, our in-house graphic design team, internal mentor program, monthly conference calls, and more.
Protected Territory
  • We create our protected zip-coded territories based on density of day-care centers rather than population. This ensures every franchisee receives a viable working area.
Low Flat-Rate Royalties
  • Paid per teaching location rather than a % of total profits
In-House Financing
  • Up to 50% of the IFF subject to corporate approval

Amazing Athletes provides a turn-key system, developed around a proven custom curricula endorsed by Early Childhood Expert Bonnie Bruce, with one week long comprehensive training and on-going support to help you every step of the way as you get your business established and running the way you want. All of our franchisees operate in exclusive territories and have constant access to educational tools and support for continuous growth and success.

Step by Step Process

Initial Inquiry

If you think Amazing Athletes Could be a good fit for you, we encourage you to complete and submit an Amazing Athletes Initial Inquiry. Once Received an Amazing Athletes representative will contact and submit you to confirm your application and set up a time for an introductory call. 


  1. Complete the Amazing Athletes Initial Inquiry Form.
  2. Set up an Introductory Call.


The introductory call gives us a chance to get to know each other, summarize your expectations and interests, and clarify any questions you might have about the Amazing Athletes Program. At the end of this discussion, if we both agree that Amazing Athletes would be a good opportunity for you, we’ll e-mail you a Web-Brochure, complete with: links to program videos, Fee Structure Sheet, Benefit Statistics, and more. We’ll follow up a few days later to ensure you received the information and schedule a discovery call to go over the specifics in greater detail.


  1. Receive your Web-Brochure
  2. Schedule a Discovery Discussion


Now that we have established our mutual interest in working together, it is very important that we go through the franchise information in greater detail to make sure that, as a prospective owner, you have a complete understanding of the business and program. We can have as many or as few discussions as you think you need. When you are ready to continue we will ask that you fill out and return to us the Request for Ownership Application included in your Web-Brochure.


  1. Complete Discovery Discussion(s)
  2. Complete a Franchise Application


Our ownership application allows Amazing Athletes to verify that you are ready to be an Amazing Athletes owner. This will include a background check and confidentiality agreement on the trade secrets you may be privy to through the rest of the process.


  1. Return your Request for Ownership Application


Once we receive your application, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). There is a legally required fourteen (14) day waiting period before you can sign an actual Franchise Agreement. This is for your protection and we encourage you to do more research, consult legal advice, and weigh out all of your options before making any commitments.


Still have concerns? Want to see the program in action? We’ll do our best to get you set up to view a class. It is important to us that you have all of the answers you need and are absolutely satisfied with Amazing Athletes before you commit to joining the family.


During this time, you should also be securing and reviewing your financing. On our end we will also begin the in-depth territory building process based on your location and zip code preferences


  1. Receive and Review the FDD
  2. Begin the Franchise Building Process
  3. Secure your Financing


Once you have had adequate time to review the FDD, build a quality territory, and establish a financing plan, we are ready to set up training. Amazing Athletes will provide you and one other person of your choosing with four (4) days of comprehensive training at our Corporate Office in Franklin, TN.


Training will cover every aspect of your Amazing Athletes Business including, but not limited to, personal lessons on our Policies and Procedures, Selling Techniques, Accounting System, Web Support, Problem Solving, and Coaching Methods. Training also includes hands-on instruction of the year round curriculum and life class coaching experiences. A Certificate of Training will be awarded upon successful completion of your training.


During this time we will also handle the signing of all Franchise Agreements and Payment Terms (as needed).


  1. Set Up Your Training Dates
  2. Sign Documents
  3. Complete Training


As part of our Amazing Athletes Family you are now privy to the on-going support and start-up marketing from corporate. You will not only receive personal phone calls from our CEO, but you will also have access to a personal corporate liaison available to answer your questions. They will also provide you with web support and access to our franchisee newsletters, conference calls, marketing promotions, and more.


  1. Meet the Team!
  2. Meet our Franchisees!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It?

The Amazing Athletes Franchise Fee is set at $25,000 and includes a zip-coded territory that contains a minimum of 60 private preschools or child care centers licensed with a capacity of 40 or more children. Our Franchise Development team will complete all the research necessary to create your territory. Whether it ends up consisting of 5 or 15 zip-codes, you can rest assured that you will have a secure and viable territory.

What Does The Franchise Fee Cover?

In addition to your protected zip-coded territory, the franchise fee also covers your costs of training, policies and procedures, curriculum + updates, web support, professional marketing materials, and on-going support and R&D from corporate. You will also have access to our in-house marketing and design professionals who are always on hand to provide advice and produce professional marketing materials that can be customized for your business.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

As a home-based business conducting operations on-site for their clients, start-up expenses for Amazing Athletes tend to be very low. Costs are typically limited to your starter equipment pack, paperwork, liability insurance, computer software, legal fees, and travel costs for training. Prior to purchase our staff will also equip you with budget worksheet to prepare for your opening months.

Do I Need A Physical Location?

Amazing Athletes provides services on-site at our client’s place of business. Classes cater to the existing customer base at our host locations (Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, Churches, Elementary Schools, Corporate Child Care Settings, Rec. Centers etc…) and are usually offered as enrichment programming. Our mobile-franchise business structure, which virtually eliminates overhead costs, makes it very easy to get started.

Do I Need Experience?

While experience working with children or running your own business can be helpful, it is by no means required. From accounting to law enforcement, our franchisees have come from a variety of backgrounds. The only key requirements to be successful in this business are what we call the three C’s: Compassion, Conviction, and Commitment!

Compassion: The right candidate for an Amazing Athletes Franchise must, above all, be compassionate about children and their development needs, along with physical fitness, healthy living, and sports. Coaching children every day using our action-packed curriculum is not only gratifying but produces immense reward as you are able personally witness the difference Amazing Athletes classes have on their skills and confidence.

Conviction: Amazing Athletes was created for children and is built around providing them with the structured physical activity they need to mature their motor skills, adopt healthy habits, and cultivate their total development; mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Our curricula are specifically designed around introducing children to athletics in a fun non-competitive atmosphere that also provides opportunities for instruction and practice of their motor skill development. To run an Amazing Athletes successfully, you must consistently demonstrate conviction in the curriculum and program.

Commitment: While Amazing Athletes will provide you with everything you need to get your program up and running it is up to you to manage your business and keep it going. As such, a strong commitment to your business and the services you provide is of the utmost importance.

Can I Work Part Time?

Business Hours vary depending on how you choose to run your franchise. For instance will you coach yourself or will you hire coaches.

Thankfully, the nature of our business structure generally allows much more flexibility from the general 9-5 grind, with the only time and place obligations being your scheduled classes. However, to truly grow and become successful, you should be prepared to focus on this full-time (roughly 40 hrs per week).

How Much Will I Make?

There are many different variables to success, including your personal commitments and desire to grow and succeed. While, Amazing Athletes Corporate will be available every step of the way to help you meet and exceed your business goals, we make no promises or guarantees regarding your potential income.

What Will I Be Coaching?

As an Amazing Athletes Franchisee your primary program will be Amazing Athletes (Ages 2 ½ to 6), however you  will also have the opportunity and resources to expand your business by also offering Amazing Tots, Amazing Warriors, Summer Camps, and Amazing Parties. To learn more about each of our programs you can visit the ABOUT section or choose a link below:

Amazing Tots | Training Academy | Amazing Athletes | Amazing Camps |Amazing Parties

Aren’t Kids That Age Already Active?

We wish we could say yes, but the unfortunate truth is that children under the age of 7 are expending 20-30% less energy than they should. In addition, it is important to understand that motor skills are not acquired and refined without instruction and practice. Children NEED someone to offer planned instruction, practice opportunities, assessment, and the chance to fine tune.

Amazing Athletes not only provides this structure, which aids in motor development, we also provide an early introduction to sports and physical fitness which will hopefully keep them active for years to come. To learn more about the necessity and importance of Amazing Athletes check out our Benefits.

I’m Interested!! What’s Next??

If you believe you meet the three C’s and possess the ambition and desire to succeed as a business owner we want to work with you! Take your first step toward a satisfying and rewarding career by reviewing our Step by Step Process and submitting an Initial Inquiry Form.

Meet The Team:

Dr. Janee Henderson

Founder and Vice President of Business Development(Contact Janee)

Janee, the founders of Amazing Athletes, is a California native. She attended Life University in Georgia where she played on the Women’s Soccer Team, earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic, and met her future husband Glen. Today they have three children; Ethan, Peyton, and Claira. Janee has completed two marathons (New York & San Diego), and is most proud to be able to help grow Amazing Athletes and actively educate future generations.

Christian O'Saile

Director of Marketing (Contact Christian)

Christian (also known around the office as “Danger”) is a Nashville Native. He attended Tennessee Tech University, where he earned his degree in Marketing. He is a very fun loving, and creative individual who thinks outside of the box on a routine basis for new and inventive ways on reaching potential clients. Outside of work you can find him spending a lot of time with friends and family, cheering on the Nashville Predators, catching to see the latest movies, and enjoying new and adventurous restaurants around the local Nashville area.

Nick Cannon

Creative Director (Contact Nick)

Nick is a young hotshot designer who specializes in children's illustrations. He graduated with a B.F.A. in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, and moved to the Nashville area with his beautiful wife where he joined the Amazing Athletes Family as the Creative Director. Nick aspires to make a positive, memorable impact for children, and families with his artistic skills, his love for story, and his happy-go-lucky attitude. Please feel free to contact him with any inquiries, commissions, or to just say hello! He loves meeting new people!

Megan Davis

Pro Shop Manager (Contact Megan)

Megan is a native of Franklin, Tennessee. She met her husband while in high school at Middle College High School in downtown Franklin. She later attended Columbia State Community College where she earned her license as a Dental Assistant and earned her radiology certification. Every year she continues her education in order to keep both certifications/licenses active. As the parents of two young children, Megan and her husband understand the importance of early childhood education involving health and fitness.