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Amazing Athletes Eastside Seattle, WA

Emmanuel Liam, Owners

Emmanuel, better known as Liam, is a Washington native. Liam began his passion for sports at a very young age playing Basketball in California and Arizona for several years. Once he became of age, Liam joined the US Air Force with a primary duty as a Police Officer on base. After serving his country, Liam returned to his grassroots in Washington to start a career in physical fitness, with a focus on training young children and adults. As he progressed in his new career, Liam obtained a Crossfit1 certification. To focus more on training young children Liam joined Amazing Athletes as a coach. Immediately falling in love with the Amazing Athletes program, Liam knew he wanted to spread the joy of physical fitness with children all over the Seattle, WA area, and decided to purchase a franchise of his own to fulfill his passion.

Rayne, who is also a Washington native, began her career in childcare. Since day one, she has been consumed with Baseball and horses. Rayne and her husband, Liam, began their careers together from the very start. Growing their passion for youth physical fitness and sports, both Rayne and Liam are excited to make an impact of a healthier and active lifestyle in their community in Seattle.

Emmanuel Liam

Rayne Liam