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Amazing Athletes East Metro, MN

Kelly Wallis, Owner

I’m Coach Kelly. I grew up in the small rural town of Marshall, MN. I played a variety of sports both in my backyard with friends and on my school teams. I loved Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Marching Band, Pep Band, Swimming and riding my bike.

A couch potato lifestyle is not for me. I stay very active. You can see me cooking, reading, practicing yoga, running with my dogs, riding my bike, at a kickboxing class or just playing with my kids in the backyard. My husband, of 20 years, taught me to also love soccer, golf and skiing. We are fortunate enough to have two very active boys and two active dogs. You can find me in the stands cheering my boys on at their Hockey and Lacrosse games.

I am always looking for something new to try. In the past few years I have run several 5K races and taken to the road on my road bike. I even conquered my first Sprint Triathlon. My latest adventure was a 4 day rim to rim hike in the Grand Canyon.

My passion for coaching kids is just as important to me as a healthy and active lifestyle. Kids have a way of making me smile every day. I have had the privilege of teaching kids to swim at the Foss Swim School for the past six years. I am now very excited to start my next adventure with Amazing Athletes. It is the perfect combination of coaching & inspiring kids to be all that they can be!