Amazing Athletes Skills + Drills powered by the Famer app, delivers a one of a kind digital distance learning service to families across the country!

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Amazing Athletes Skills + Drills by the Famer App will allow families access to our weekly curriculum direct to their mobile devices or tablet. With training videos, you will be able to view each week’s full curriculum of 2-6 age-specific skills to coach your child continuing their motor development and skill progression while schools are out. Each lesson has a set of goals to complete before moving onto the next exercise, keeping kids engaged and having fun, all at the convenience of your schedule.


Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to download the Famer App within 24hrs. Your child’s player profile will already be setup, but feel free to add any additional information, then get kicking!


Famer is a sports coaching & mentorship mobile app that enables personalized training programs and interactive feedback between parents/ athletes and their coaches and sports organizations.