See What Everyone Is Saying About Amazing Athletes

``I just wanted to thank you. Madison and Mackenzie both very much enjoyed today’s lesson. They live for Amazing Athletes so we are excited to continue through our time at home.``

Parent - Amazing Athletes @HOME

``My girls who normally do amazing athletes at their school are loving still being able to do classes despite their school closure. Thank you so much for putting these up. We have been starting with one every morning!``

Samantha - Amazing Athletes Live Stream

``Thank you for everything you’re doing for our kids year-round AND during new adventurous at home life! Last week Daphne got out some balls and said we are going to play “Coach.” She was the coach and we all were her students. She was teaching us how to play soccer. It was super cute.``

- Laura B. - Amazing Athletes @HOME

``We are glad that Amazing Athletes is doing everything that you can to support them during this time. We fully support the decision of Amazing Athletes. We will be looking forward to the videos and doing them together.``

Parent - Amazing Athletes Live Stream

``My kid watched this live yesterday and is now in the middle of doing it for a 5th time this morning while I read deposition transcripts. This is already worth the tuition.``

- Mindy B. - Amazing Athletes Live Stream

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``The Amazing Athletes at 92Y @ Home Program is simply the best! The coaches have come up with unique and effective ways to engage their athletes and to provide a fun and heart-pumping work-out! We appreciate the positive attitude that all Amazing Athletes coaches provide and we look forward to exciting new classes each week! As an Athletic Director, I highly recommend this program to keep children moving in a healthy and positive way – while learning all about sports!”

- Katera N., 92Y Director of Athletics - Amazing Athletes @HOME