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Molly Hurrle, Owner

Molly grew up in a small town in central Minnesota, where she was raised in a sports loving family. Molly played a variety of sports at the high school level including volleyball, track, basketball, and softball.

She went on to play volleyball during her four year college career while obtaining her bachelors in Public Health Science. Molly coaches volleyball in high school and club seasons, she has always had a passion for working with youth and coaching.

When she found Amazing Athletes she knew it was the perfect fit! Using her public health and coaching background Molly is excited to educate and excite our youth to stay active!

Audra Schmidt

Jean Gorham

I am Coach Jean Gorham.  As a life-long St Paul resident, I enjoy creative cooking, the arts, gardening, reading.  For 18 years I have been working in the field of early childhood education, and have received numerous awards from the school where I work.  Having recently ‘pre-tired’, I am pursuing a variety of new teaching experiences, including Amazing Athletes.  I truly enjoy the creative element that I can bring to the ‘playing field’.  My family includes my chef husband of 34 years, Jay, and my 2 children – Dustin (25) and Pearl (23).  Pets include our Shihtzu – Penny, Black Labrador – Shadow, Siberian cats – Hazel and LilyBelle, 6 chickens, and a colony of honeybees.

Haley DenHartog

Coach Haley grew up in Hopkins, MN and tried out nearly every sport under the sun. Through high school, she stuck with playing tennis and softball. Both her siblings went on to become collegiate athletes, but Haley decided to focus on studying communication disorders, becoming a therapist for kids who have autism, and traveling as much as she possibly could throughout college. Haley has a passion for staying healthy and laughing every day, so Amazing Athletes fits perfectly into her lifestyle as she prepares to obtain a graduate degree in speech and language therapy. Someday, she hopes to work with brain trauma patients on regaining their cognitive functions (which begins with physical activity!) Haley is encouraged by all her athletes because they get to learn tons of healthy habits that will help them live well their whole lives!

Linda Lee, Manager of Operations & New Client Acquisitions

I have always had a passion for learning. Throughout my life I have found the joy of sharing that passion through my teaching ~ My students’ and my own life experiences become richer and more entertaining through fun activities that help build a solid foundation of health and personal life skills.

Through Amazing Athletes, I channel over 30 years of public and private sector experience in training and education to teach and encourage your precious little ones how to tap into their innate curiosity, to challenge themselves and to enjoy becoming the playful, strong, and resilient miniature “superheroes” that YOU know they can be!!! ~ Coach Linda

Hayley Horning - Shibley

Coach Hayley was born and raised in Willmar and now lives with her husband and 2 children in Burnsville.
Hayley grew up in a sports family, with 7 siblings who also played sports and her dad coached football, wrestling, baseball and tennis.
She played tennis and softball in high school and went on to play tennis and softball in college! She even earned an All American honor as a college tennis player!
Using her elementary education degree Hayley taught 5th grade for 6 years before deciding to combine her love of teaching and her love of tennis to become a certified tennis teaching professional. She gives private tennis lessons, runs her own kids tennis club and Summer tennis camp and she also coaches high school tennis!
When she learned about Amazing Athletes she couldn’t wait to share her passion of teaching, coaching and sports in new ways!

Haley Asfeld

Rachel Longstreet

Sondra Engler