Amazing Athletes Try This At Home Warm-up

Our January 2020 newsletter focuses heavily on warm-ups and keeping our bodies nimble and ready for working out. As we mentioned in our newsletter, it’s important to warm-up our muscles in the cooler months so we don’t strain or pull anything in our bodies. Whether that’s doing simple stretches or even jogging in place for a minute to get your blood pumping, this pre-warm-up step is key — and that’s where our “Try-this-at-home” aspect comes into play!


Warming up helps our hearts beat a little faster before we make them beat a lot faster. Our hearts prefer steady climbs and descents into exercise, so it’s important not to abruptly begin or end physical activity. “Rocket-ship Jumps” are always a blast! (Get it?) Make it a family of rockets! Stand with legs together, knees slightly bent, and hands to the side — jump up, swinging arms above head like a rocket-ship five times in a row. When you return to Earth, go surfing! Just bend those knees, put up the arms and move a little to The Beach Boys, surfin’-style! When you get back on dry land, do some Twists, arms straight out. Begin bending at the waist and touch the opposite foot. These warm-ups are also great little exercises for building muscle in those legs and core! Begin slow!

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