January 2020 Newsletter

For many, January is a time to bundle up and get cozy, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising all together. It’s important to warm up our muscles in the colder months so we don’t strain or pull anything in our bodies. Our January newsletter teaches us the importance of doing this and sheds light on why we incorporate warm-ups at the beginning of our classes for our Athletes. Be sure to check out our “Try-This-At-Home” section for fun warm-ups you can do with your children in the new year!

January Newsletter:

“Cold” is a surprisingly relative term, isn’t it?  Members of the same family, from the same house, often have completely different reactions to the same temperature, so imagine how differently Floridians think of January than Minnesotans, New Yorkers or Californians do. One thing most of us will attest to — it ain’t hot!  

Yes, whether it’s 45 degrees or 15 that makes you grab for that extra blanket, we’ll all be doing our best to warm up this winter.  Of course, as your little Amazing Athletes can tell you, we warm up in class all year round. Warming up is vital before exercise — indeed, before all strenuous activity. In fact, not only is a 5-10 minute warm-up crucial for endurance, flexibility, and mindset, it is downright dangerous to skip. For experienced exercisers, that can lead to painful pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and more serious injury. For novices, it can do all that and cause serious, heart-related dangers. When shoveling snow this winter (Hawaii, you listening??), please consider doing a few jumping jacks or some jogging in place before getting started. It’s all about getting oxygen to the body!

Children at play may have less of a need for an actual warm-up, as they are at a higher activity level already, but we warm up to instill in them its life-long importance, and because it’s a great time to help children focus on the activities at hand. Our “Try-This-At-Home” section has some super-fun ways to do warm-up exercises with your athletes at home. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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