5 Ways You Can Be a More Motivated Business Leader

Being a business leader in any aspect is tough. We get it, and we hear you loud and clear. There’s a lot of responsibility riding on your end and the pressure to perform can be overwhelming to the point of no return. Well, hold onto your composure, because we’re here to help you become the boss you were always meant to be. Here are five tips on how you can be a more motivated business leader.

  • To put it simply, be more motivated yourself. It’s important to lead your team by example, and that all starts with you. Your job can seem daunting or boring at times, but that doesn’t mean your work ethic has to show for it. Sure, we all have little things about our jobs that we don’t enjoy doing, so take those moments to remember all of the good and wonderful things that fuel you to keep doing what you love every day. It’s keeping those little details at the back of your mind that makes every bit of a difference. And if you feel like there’s no way to achieve this, then it may be time to consider making your next career move.


  • Focus on communication. The “I don’t have time to speak with you right now,” attitude has to be removed from your vocabulary. Make the time to have open communication opportunities with your team on a weekly or even a bi-weekly basis. Here at Amazing Athletes, we make it a point to provide constant communication resources to our franchisees on whatever they may need. This, in turn, allows for better results from our employees and positive attitudes from our top managers. If positive results are flowing in, then you’re more likely to keep that momentum going on your own.


  • Take an interest in your employees’ personal, professional, and emotional growth. Think of it this way: if you were an employee, would you want your boss to invest in you? The answer should always be yes. Motivating your team to accomplish their goals both in and out of the workplace works on both ends. Celebrate the tiny accomplishments. Celebrate the big ones, too. Showing your employees you care won’t hurt you. In fact, it will help you become more energized and excited about your own work and vice-versa. Shocking, we know! And hey, you might learn something new about your team members that you didn’t have prior knowledge of that could be an asset to the growth of your company and even your leadership.


  • Have clear goals and realistic expectations. Here’s where that communication aspect comes into play. Treat your employees like humans. You may assign numerous tasks to be done by a certain date, but it may not be realistic. And your team shouldn’t feel like they need to scramble to get it all done, either. Quality over quantity should be your motto. If you have quality work, quality results will follow — and so will more motivation in your leadership.


  • Ask for feedback on your leadership skills. This could be one of the most important things to do as a leader. Put together a questionnaire to be filled out anonymously. This will allow your team to speak freely about your leadership style — good or bad. You may not realize that you have poor time management skills or that you’re unorganized, but these are all things you can improve upon over time. With knowledge, you gain more power to own your leadership style.


At the end of the day, you want to be the best leader you can be, whether that’s starting with setting little goals for yourself, providing and getting feedback to and from your team, engaging with your co-workers and employees on a personal level, or communicating openly. This will all lead to your success and motivation later down the road.

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