5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Franchise Business

When Amazing Athletes was founded in 2003, it was brought up on the foundations of family, fun, and education. Amazing Athletes founders, Glen and Dr. Janee Henderson, still stand by those same principles today, 16 years later. “From the very beginning, Amazing Athletes kids sports classes made an immediate impact on parents and children everywhere. We knew we had to expand our reach across the country,” said Dr. Henderson. In 2006, they brought in the first franchise provider, which lead to Amazing Athletes to soar to tremendous heights as a top-ranked franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review, Franchise.com, and more, becoming one of the most respected children’s enrichment business in the industry. Supported by highly trained professionals with individualized skillsets, the Amazing Athletes team has proven time and again that their business model is worth investing in. Here are five reasons why you should put your future in our hands:

1. Provide you with the tools to be successful
From the moment you become a part of the Amazing Athletes franchise family, you are given the necessary tools and training you need to get your business up and running. We’ll provide you with an in-depth coaching manual equipped with week-by-week class schedules, lesson plans, exercise routines, and our nutritional guidelines that are incorporated into weekly lessons. Not only this, but we’ll provide you with continuous support to ensure you’re on the path to success with your franchise.

2. Help children learn and grow at an exceptional rate
We’re focused on providing children with the proper resources that help them developmentally learn and grow. That’s why our curriculum is endorsed by Early Childhood Expert, Bonnie Bruce, who carefully reviews each element of our program to ensure that our Amazing Athletes are getting everything they can out of our classes. Not only this, but during weekly Amazing Athletes, Amazing Tots and Traning Camp classes, children learn the importance of patience, fine-motor skills, teamwork, and self-confidence in a non-competitive, learning-based environment that fosters a love of healthy living.

3. You’ll get to be a part of a hard-working, dedicated network of professionals
With over 650 locations and 120 franchise units across 30 states (and growing), you would have constant access to an award-winning network of professionals. Looking for key business tips? Need help recruiting coaches for your location? Have an internal problem you think needs a second or even third opinion? With various outlets of communications to turn to, you’ll never have internal conflicts left unresolved, and you’ll have the proper knowledge from that moment on how to better your business.  

4. Gain first-hand business experience
Whether you come from 15+ years of business experience or you have an expertise in a completely different field, our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have one trait in common: a love and passion for children and helping them succeed. With our hands-on model, you’ll learn management guidelines and how to run franchise operations, sales and marketing techniques, how to work both as a leader and a team player, and you’ll also gain invaluable life-long professional attributes you can take with you wherever life leads you.

5. Make a difference in your community
If you notice a need in your community for more positive reinforcement children’s youth multi-sport programs, then bringing Amazing Athletes to your neighborhood could be just the thing everyone needs — even you. From day one, children leave our classes more knowledgable, healthier, confident, and happier than they did prior to enrolling in a class. 

You’re not only investing in your future but the future of children everywhere, so start making a difference in your life and for children everywhere today!

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