How to Take Advantage of Family Exercise in the Spring

If you find mid-April a bit taxing, you’re surely not alone.

That’s just one more reason to be thankful for sports!  The Masters, NBA Finals, Boston Marathon and Opening Days around the country will be great ways to escape number-crunching- and to show our Amazing Athletes a bit of the “grown-up versions” of some of their favorite Amazing sports in action.  As parents and coaches, this is a wonderful opportunity to show our young athletes the truth about sports- that the very best players in all the world miss the basket, lose the race, strike out at bat, and putt past the hole all the time. They gladly keep playing, however, knowing it will make them better players- because being too mad about missing the ball crowds our brain; it stops any and all of us from improving and even worse, it stops us from having fun!   It’s okay to not like to miss, but if the best players in the whole world miss every day, then it’s okay if we do, too!

For some family fun this April, consider scheduling activities that correspond to sports that you’ve all watched together on TV for at least a few minutes, and then go out into the nice, Spring weather and have our Amazing Athletes show you some of the skills and games they’ve learned in those sports, and even have them lead the family in warm-ups and stretches before and after!  Just like reading together, playing sports and exercising as a family instills in them a powerful and positive mindset for life that is simply immeasurable– and tax-free!

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