8 Fun Summer Family Fitness Ideas to Get You Moving

Summer the perfect time of year where there is blue skies, warm weather and lots of sunshine. With many kids out on summer break from school, the summer months offer unlimited opportunities for families to get moving. More often than not though this is also when families can become the least active with lounging on the couch, kids staying in and playing video games all day.

Never fear though, if you’re committed to staying fit as a family, squeezing physical activity into your day will be effortless. Keep your kids off the couch and get your whole family moving with these eight summertime fitness ideas:



1. Play Hopscotch – Hopscotch is fun and easy to set up. What makes it better though, is that you can burn 11 calories a minute while playing! Hopscotch is perfect for your toddlers to practice vital motor developments skills like Balance, and Jumping.




2. Go Play Putt-Putt – Bring out your inner Pro Golfer and play one of the most fun 18 hole courses for the whole family to enjoy.  While trying to get that perfect hole-in-one through the windmill your able to burn 210 calories in an hour. Your future PGA Tour toddlers will able to have fun and practice the motor skill, Target Bowling!




3. Riding a Bike – Getting out an exploring on a bike can bring out the adventurer in everyone. Having the breeze flowing through your hair and the sun shining is some of the benefits while being on a bike, but you may not know is that you are able to burn 560 calories an hour!  It is also a great way for your children to practice Balance, and Running motor skills.



4. Water Balloon Fights – During the hot sunny days there’s nothing better than playing in the water. Water Balloon Fights are a fun option to get everyone running, jumping, and throwing for joy! In an hour you are able to burn 200 calories all while cooling off from the heat. While everyone is having a splashing time, your toddler is able to practice several motor skills like Running, Jumping, Throwing, and Catching.



5. Flying a Kite – Windy days are some of the best days to be outside and flying a kite can create lasting memories! As your kite is soaring through the air you can burn 4 calories a minute! Your child can develop motor skills like Balance and Running.



6. Swimming  – There is no time better than the summer to go out for a swim! Swimming is a fun and total body workout in which you can be able to burn 450 calories an hour. Motor skills like Kicking and Jumping are developed while your future Olympian trains for their big day.




7. Playing Tag – This exciting game is one everyone loves and can be played for hours. While your running about trying not to be “It” you can burn 500 calories an hour. Tag is a great way for your toddler to work on motor skills like Balance, Running, and Jumping.




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