2017 Franchisees Awards

Being that time of year again it’s time to announce our Franchise Awards for 2017!

Each year, Amazing Athletes honors franchisees who best embody the program’s mission to instill healthy choices and active lifestyles in children using sports to educate. Through their dedicated efforts, these award-winning franchises challenge their communities to take a youth-focused approach in helping cultivate the next generation of healthy, thriving and confident adults. This year, Amazing Athletes is proud to announce not one, but five, winners of the 2017 Franchise of the Year!

“All of our franchisees are truly amazing, but we want to make sure we are recognizing those who go above and beyond just teaching the program,” said Amazing Athletes co-founder Dr. Janee Henderson. “Franchisees with this honor are active in their communities – they are constantly looking to grow and innovate. They participate in franchise events and provide feedback when asked for input. They are also willing to help out other franchisees and talk to potential franchisees. Most importantly, they have enthusiasm and belief in Amazing Athletes and its importance.”

(Drum Roll Please) The 2017 Amazing Athletes winners are…

2017 Franchise of the Year

Nicolette Brits – Amazing Athletes of South Bay, CA

Justin Draper – Amazing Athletes of North Central, TX

Brian Sandmark – Amazing Athletes of  SoCal Foothills, CA

Tony & Colette Perachiotti – Amazing Athletes of North Bay, CA

Anthony & Kelly Scuorzo – Amazing Athletes of North Central, NJ

Rookies of the Year

Caroline Jerger Raleigh, NC

Ron & Amy Romberger Media Cities, CA

1500+ Platinum Enrollment Award

Sue Bigelow 1,707               Feb 2017

Varkoly, LLC 1,720               Apr 2017

JMS Management 1,914               Mar 2017

700+ Silver Enrollment Award

Logan Hastings 756                  May 2017

Anthony & Kelly Scuorzo 786                  May 2017

Rory Levine 851                  May 2017

Sonja Brummer 872                  May 2017

500+ Bronze Enrollment Award

Ala & Nihayeh Tayeh 503                  Mar 2017

Caroline Jerger 557                  Mar 2017

Jessica Perrott 651                  Mar 2017

Lee & Diana Collins 665                  Oct 2016

Brian Sandmark 690                  Apr 2017

Honorable Mention – Enrollment

Christina Trindle 400

Nicolette Brits 407

Molly Hurrle 415

Jared Taylor 427

Mark & Chris Ebbing 444

Dustin Sewell 445

Tony & Colette Perachiotti 471

Christy & Topher McKinlay 486

10+ Years in Business

Jill Nagel

5+ Years in Business

Justin Draper Mar 2017

Tracey Grout Aug 2017

Sue Bigelow Aug 2017

Lori Stillwell Sep 2017

Deborah Aufill Oct 2017

Nicolette Brits Nov 2017

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