Motor Development: Run

Kids are natural runners, but whether they’re accompanying you on a run or participating in a school program, they require special care at every step of their development. When children become involved in running it not only keeps them physically fit and healthy, it also provides many valuable life-learning tools that can harness the development of a child right through into adulthood. For example: better concentration for academic work, the building of confidence, time management skills, working towards goals and participating within a team and as an individual.

What Is Running For A Child?

A developing child can look forward to a long career of walking/running. It’s easy to assume when children begin walking, they will not change their walking technique much overtime of their life. Most people especially parents know what a toddler’s first steps look like. At first, each step tends to be independent of one another. All of the characteristics of early walking lead to improved balance for the new walker. As the child begins to walk more their arms drop then begin swinging. As they become proficient they will want to go faster which leads to them beginning to run.

Why Is Running Important?

Running is a great activity to help kids build endurance, which is developed when kids regularly engage in aerobic activity. Running offers kids the sense of freedom and the sense of reward and achievement when they finish. As runners, children benefit from:

  • A strengthening of the entire cardiovascular system, including the heart and lungs. The heart develops a higher “pump-activity” while the child’s heart and lungs are strengthened, supporting the prevention of heart disease.
  • Children are less likely to become overweight and will have better control of their body fat. Overweight children are able to reduce their body weight and body fat due to the physiological effect of burning fat while exercising.
  • Children develop stronger bone structure and muscle structure.


A Fun Way to include Running!

Plant And Harvest: Print out pictures of power foods and scatter them across from your athlete. Next, lay out 3 ropes and that will be your garden. Choose a running movement pattern based on your child’s skill level: Walk, March, Run, Gallop, or Skip. Give your child a number then have them plant their food on that number rope by completing that movement to the garden then have them run back to their spot. Once that is complete have them do a new movement to harvest their food and then have them run back to their spot!



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