Power Food Recipe: Peanut Butter Honey Wraps with Grapes and Cinnamon

Power Food this week is Grapes! Grapes can be consumed raw, in the form of sweet and salty salads and juices. Depending on the variety, grapes can be purple, red, black, pink, yellow or green. The green-colored variety is often referred to as white grapes. They can be cooked and used for the production of various desserts. Dried grapes (better known as raisins) are especially popular during winter, when fresh fruit is not available.Grapes are 80% water so make a good snack that’s low in calories. Wine grapes and table grapes are not identical. Table grapes, which are usually eaten raw, have thin skin and very few seeds. Over the years, several seedless varieties have been developed and are currently being sold in supermarkets. In contrast, wine grapes are thick-skinned and contain many seeds.

Health Benefits of Grapes

Grapes contain Manganese, which helps your body absorb calcium to build strong bones. They also contain flavonoids that are very powerful antioxidants, which can reduce the damage caused by free radicals and slow down aging. Red and purple grapes are especially healthy because of the presence of a potent antioxidant, resveratrol, which is anti-aging and strengthens the immune system. Grapes, due to their high nutrient content, play an important role in ensuring a healthy and active life.

Irresistible Peanut Butter Honey Wraps with Grapes and Cinnamon

A special way to provide grapes into your children’s diet is to substitute jelly and cut up grapes in Peanut Butter Honey Wraps with Grapes and Cinnamon! Follow this recipe from our friends at Pip and Ebby for your child and you to make this delicious lunch!

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