Power Foods: Summer Corn Chowder

This week’s Power Food is Corn! Corn can be eaten fresh, cooked, and popped. An ear or cob of corn is actually part of the flower and an individual kernel is a seed. Corn will always have an even number of rows on each cob. As well as being eaten by the cob, corn is also processed and used as a major component in many food items like cereals, peanut butter, potato chips, soups, marshmallows, ice cream, baby food, cooking oil, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and chewing gum. Corn and it’s by products are also found in many non-food items such as fireworks, rust preventatives, glue, paint, dyes, laundry detergent, soap, aspirin, antibiotics, paint, shoe polish, ink, cosmetics, the manufacturing of photographic film, and in the production of plastics.

Health Benefits of Corn and Potassium

Corn not only provides the necessary calories for healthy, daily metabolism but is also a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and Potassium, along with many minerals. As a common misconception Bananas are a good place to start when discussing potassium. They have a reputation for being a very good source of the mineral, but in truth, there are many other foods with higher content, like Corn. Perhaps the reason why bananas are so associated with Potassium is that they’re great for “on the go” situations, such as a late breakfast. It’s much easier to grab a banana than baking an ear of Corn.

Easy to Make Summer Corn Chowder

An easy way to work corn into your next family meal, besides popcorn at the movies, is to have them help you make Summer Corn Chowder! Follow this recipe from Cooking Classy for your child and you to make this delicious meal, or add your own spin to it and add some Avocados and Tomatoes!

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