Coming Out of a Shell, One Child’s Story of Making Friends Through Sports.

Hello Rory (Owner, Amazing Athletes North Shore/Suburbs Chicago, IL),

I wanted to pass along a neat story about our son yesterday. As we were driving through our neighborhood yesterday, he saw several of his friends playing street hockey. He got out of the car and handed me his backpack and said that he was going to play with his friends and took off running.  I had my hands full at the moment with the baby and my 2.5-year-old daughter.

Nearly 20 minutes had gone by and I started to wonder what he was doing.   I went for a walk and found him with a hockey stick in hand and he was playing with 2 – 4th-grade boys and 2 -2nd-grade boys.   He was into the game shoulder to shoulder contact with his friends and going for the ball.

I asked my neighbor that was outside to walk him home when the game ended.

Another twenty minutes went by before he came home.  He ran into the house and was so excited. He told me how fun it was to play to with his friends, that he got a goal, and we should hang up a W flag.   This was a new level of excitement for him.

It was incredible to see him so happy and confident playing hockey.  I attribute this success to your program.   At our house, we don’t have hockey sticks or a goal (at least not yet).  Clearly, the exposure you have given him through your program gave him the confidence to play especially with the older kids.   It was such a surprise.  Our son has been a watcher for a really long time and it was so special to see him do this all on his own without my help.

I think there may be a hockey stick under the Christmas Tree this year.



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