One Amazing Athlete Can Name The Entire Padres Roster!

On July 1st, the San Diego Padres played the Los Angeles Dodgers in an 8 – 0 loss, but in the crowd, one little padre brought the light shining back on the team! 3-year-old Kameron Brummer was showing off his special skills in announcing most of the Padres players with 100% accuracy! He even named a player who left the team years ago! Kameron Brummer’s impressive knowledge of the current Padres roster was captured on video by his mom, Sonja Brummer (Owner of Amazing Athletes of San Diego). The toddler can be heard naming each player on the San Diego Padres roster, with gusto and spirit.

“My kid can’t name any dinosaurs or presidents but he can name all of the Padres players! I thought Padres fans would enjoy this,” Sonja Brummer joked when she spoke with FOX 5 about her son.

Kameron along with his older brother, Kyson, have been attending Padres games since they were babies.  Their parents, Sonja and Randy, take them to home games frequently, and each member of the family is a Padres season ticket holder.  In fact, Kyson and Kameron can be seen on every Compadres kids passport as the cover kids!

Sonja stated that Kameron likes to “get into character” and pretend to be each player. His favorite, of course, is Wil Myers, though. “We did not teach Kameron all this. He learned on his own from watching so many games.” Sonja said baseball brings her family together. For her boys, baseball is life. “I can’t imagine baseball not being in their lives,” she said.

Kyson and Kameron both participate in Amazing Athletes program. Sonja says that their coaches have to bring an extra baseball bat for them after class so they can further progress their baseball skills.

At the rate both Kameron and his brother are going, it shouldn’t be much longer that we will see these future Baseball Stars take the field at Petco Park.


If you want to see Kameron’s full video click HERE.

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