Power Food Recipe: Cheesy Eggplant Pizza

Our Power Food this week is Eggplants! The name “eggplant” originates from the 18th century when farmers with small, white fruit, shaped like hen’s egg were popular. Eggplants belong to the nightshade family of vegetables, which also includes tomatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes. Some varieties of eggplant produce white, lavender, green or red-striped fruit that can be elongated, rounded or pea-shaped. The vegetable can be consumed grilled, baked, boiled, stuffed or combined with meat and other vegetables. They are often used as a substitute for meat in vegetarian diets due to specific texture and taste of its flesh.

Health Benefits of Eggplants

In addition to featuring a host of vitamins and minerals, Eggplants also contain important Manganese. Manganese helps your body absorb calcium to build strong bones. Since Eggplants contain almost no fat or cholesterol, it is a healthy option for people trying to lose weight, or battle obesity problems. They are wonderful sources of phytonutrients, which have long been known as boosters for cognitive activity and general mental health. They not only defend against free radical activity and keep your body and brain safe from toxins and diseases, but they also increase blood flow to the brain.

Easy to Make Cheesy Eggplant Pizza

An easy way to work Eggplants into your children’s diet is to make this delicious dinner Cheesy Eggplant Pizza! This dinner recipe from Buzzfeed’s Tasty is a mouth-watering way to add more vegetables into your children’s diet.

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