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Melanie Channick Franchisee Spotlight

Melanie Channick, Amazing Athletes Montgomery County, PA

As a youth sports’ development program, Amazing Athletes focuses on teaching children the fun and importance of fitness. We believe that active, structured play is an integral part of children’s education. Research shows that fitness not only helps the body, but also the brain. Structured play helps children to increase focus, set goals, and learn important skills including team work, perseverance, and more.

With seventeen years of teaching experience, Melanie Channick continues her passion for children’s education and wellbeing as the proud owner of Amazing Athletes Montgomery County, PA. As a teacher, mother, and now business owner, Melanie empowers kids to gain lifelong skills and knowledge that help them stay healthy, active, and focused for life.

Having seen firsthand the many advantages of a structured sports development program with her own daughter’s preschool, Melanie began to research how she might help more kids have the same experience.

“I was immediately impressed with the Amazing Athletes’ curriculum and the research backing the program,” said Melanie. “I love that so many sports and skills are included in the year-long program along with motor skills, muscle recognition and nutrition.”

We’re glad to have Melanie as part of the Amazing Athletes family!

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