New Year’s Goals for a Healthy Future

Many people make a new year’s resolution to be healthier throughout the next year. But when healthy habits are instilled early, children learn to make fitness and nutrition part of their lifestyle rather than a goal that may come and go.


When children learn the foundations of healthy living, they learn how to stay fit and active for years to come. The benefits of regular exercise and good nutrition extend beyond the physical. A healthy youth can help to boost brain power, build teamwork, maintain mental and emotional health, and social wellbeing. All of these skills help to ensure a bright future for children by helping to prevent obesity and related medical conditions, encouraging better memory and retention, and creating well-rounded adults that thrive personally and professionally.


Noncompetitive sports help children learn to set and achieve goals, increase confidence, learn the rewards of persistence, have better focus, try new things and gain new skills. Leadership, goal-driven results, teamwork, and retention give individuals the ability to stand out from the competition whatever their fields. Employers cite a direct correlation between fitness and productivity, and consider physical wellbeing a major factor in hiring decisions. A study by British researcher Jim McKenna found that exercising helped professionals to consistently better their work performances. Exercise also elevates mood, helping professionals to stay focused, content, and more tolerant of colleagues. All of this promotes a better work environment.


Regular exercise also combats the many medical conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, and more) that result in part because of Americans’ sedentary lifestyle. Healthy foods power the body throughout the day, providing the fuel to get up and move. Structured play and motion builds strength and endurance, giving children the energy to succeed in all they do– a trait that continues into adulthood.


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