Amazing Athletes Co-Founder To Be Featured as Speaker at Early Learning Leaders Conference 2016

Dr. Janee Henderson, co-founder of Amazing Athletes, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Association of Early Learning Leaders 2016 conference in April. Dr. Henderson will speak on the importance of helping children achieve active, healthy lifestyles starting at a young age and the lifelong benefits of sports fitness.

The Association of Early Learning Leaders (AELL) focuses on excellence in early care and education by assisting educators and leaders in enhancing program quality in preschools. As a preschool enrichment program aimed at bettering the lives of children through physical well being, Amazing Athletes shares in AELL’s goals and values.

“Amazing Athletes is a proud member of AELL,” said Henderson. “I’m excited to weigh in on the importance of beginning healthy habits early. Starting young gives children the tools they need to stay active, live longer, and develop skills that will serve them well into the future.”

A majority of the world’s leading causes of death relate to poor physical health, including cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is linked to obesity and high blood pressure. Children with unhealthy habits face a greater risk of developing extensive, costly health complications which may worsen with age. By instilling core values and practices of active play and wellness at a young age, children develop better physical health, important character traits, demonstrate better social and emotional ability, perform better in the classroom, and stay on course for a high quality of life.

The AELL 2016 conference takes place from April 21-23 in Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Henderson’s workshop, “An Evidence-Based Case for Structured Physical Activity in Preschools” will take place on Saturday, April 23 from 9-10:45 a.m. at the conference.

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