Franchisee of the Month Spotlight: Jared Taylor

After finding himself burned out in a successful real estate career, Jared Taylor wanted to re-energize his life and shift his focus, as well as his profession, toward a career where one of his biggest passions—sports—could be engaged.

Jared is a cross-trained athlete who has played baseball since the age of four. He even played his way through college and still gets his sports fix by participating in a softball league. He also played football in high school. After coaching his own children in recreational leagues, Jared developed a passion for positively impacting the lives of kids with sports.

In January 2014, Jared bought half of a stagnating Amazing Athletes franchise from a friend. By June, after attending a motivating conference, Jared decided he was “all in” and bought the entire franchise.

To reinvigorate the business, Jared began to incorporate his sales skills as a real estate pro into his marketing platform.

“Success in real estate,” said Jared, “depends upon how well you can market yourself and your product. Essentially, it all boils down to building relationships with people.”

The principle of genuine, relational-based marketing has propelled Jared’s growth over the last year.

Getting face time with the parents of the kids in the program is one thing Jared does any chance he gets. Whether it’s getting to the schools early, staying late, or attending an open house at a daycare that utilizes his program, Jared stresses the importance of “…taking every opportunity to get in front of the parents and let them ask you questions so you can really show them how beneficial the program is for their children.”

Another contributing factor in Jared’s success has been his ability to adapt and explore fresh ideas and avenues for growth. When he introduced Amazing Athletes to one potential school, the school loved the idea of bringing him on-board but wanted a facility-pay system instead of a parent-pay system like he initially suggested. Jared adapted the program to fit their preferences and was able to bring more schools on board with the same approach.

Ultimately, for Jared, his role as an Amazing Athletes franchisee isn’t much different from his role as a father to his own children. Viewing his job as a ministry, Jared knows the potential impact he can make on the lives of the kids that participate in the Amazing Athletes program. For some kids, this might be the only time in their lives where they can play a team sport and learn valuable skills like cooperation and teamwork.

“If they don’t have a dad at home or they don’t have a dad who will actively participate in their lives, Amazing Athletes might be the only opportunity some of the kids in my franchise get to have a positive paternal influence upon their lives at an early age,” Jared says.

Jared isn’t short on advice for fellow franchisees.

“Reaching out to the other franchisees and not being hesitant to speak up or ask questions was all too important. I had a couple of mentors in my first year that were gracious enough to listen and offer advice. Utilizing the family Facebook page for franchisees was also a big help. It’s a great place to learn about experiences of others and take a look at what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.”

The sum total of blending passion with career, utilizing transferable skills, being receptive to new ideas, and seeking help when needed made Jared the 2014 Amazing Athletes’ Rookie of the Year.

Now, ambition is what drives Jared forward as he sets his goals for next year.

“Last summer, I had only one coach helping me run the program. This year, I have two. They’re both in college, so I will be taking over every aspect of the program in the fall, when their classes begin. Having help this summer has made it easier for me to take time to plan and strategize for the fall. My plan is to maximize my reach in this area and expand into another. I’m setting my sights on the 500 Award next year!”

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