Winter Snow Kids Activities and Games

5 Active Snow Games for Kids

One of the best things about winter is snow!  Playing games outside after a flurry is a great way to help kids develop gross and fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and promote activity through the winter.

Here is a list of five active snow games that will keep minds active and bodies moving.  In trying out these activities, don’t forget to stay safe–kids should wear helmets for some of the riskier activities, and exposure to the cold should be limited by proper outdoor wear and shortened periods of outside play.

  1. Hoop It Up

Grab a hula hoop and try to keep it going in the snow.  Getting into a good rhythm is a lot harder when you’re all bundled up.  To make it more interesting, create a competition to determine who can keep it going the longest.  Hula hooping works on coordination and motor skills, and hooping in the snow is a nice way to put a spin on this traditional outdoor activity.

  1. Frosty Toss

Ready, aim, throw!  Have your kiddos form a pile of snowballs.  Create a target by drawing a bright circle in the snow with colored water in a spray bottle.  Get them to stand a few paces away and toss the snowballs onto the target.  To make it harder, draw concentric circles in the target, giving more points for hitting the smaller circles.  Also, ramp up the difficulty by getting them to take a step back each time they successfully hit the target.  This game is a great way to improve coordination and aim and to develop the motor skills needed to throw and toss.

  1. Go Tubing

Beach toys aren’t just for summer anymore! Grab the inner tubes your family usually reserves for the pool and create a race track with a finish line (a slightly downward-sloping hill or flat surface works best).  Get your tykes to sit in the tubes and race to the finish using only their feet to propel them.  Tubing will get heart rates up, lungs pumping, and blood racing!

  1. Freeze Tag!

You can’t have a list of snow games without this classic activity, appropriately named for fast fun on a chilly day!  The “it” player chases and tries to tag the others.  Once a player is tagged, she is “frozen” until another player tags her and “unfreezes” her.  If the “it” player freezes everyone, they win!  The snow can make it harder to run, duck, and dodge, but provides a cushion for slips and dives. This activity is good for kids who need to burn some energy!

  1. Snow Golf

Create your own a miniature golf course by packing down a section of snow every few feet.  For each hole, bury tin cans halfway down in the snow.  Your kids will have fun trying to hit golf balls into the holes while simultaneously improving their coordination and fine motor skills.  Don’t forget to add flagsticks for extra flair!

Safe, fun games that stimulate the mind and body are always a smart way to go.  So when the snow keeps you and the kids at home, make the most of it—go outside and play!


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