Amazing Athletes Achieves Landmark Endorsement for 2014-16 Preschool Sports Enrichment Curriculum

Renowned early childhood research and assessment agency, Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc., officially endorsed Amazing Athletes’ 2014-16 sports enrichment curriculum

Distinguished childhood development research and assessment agency, Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc., has officially endorsed Amazing Athletes’ national 2014-16 sports enrichment curriculum, which rolls out this school year in preschools nationwide.

Amazing Athletes’ year-round sports-based curriculum is helmed by trained coaches who teach children the fundamentals and mechanics of nine different sports, including baseball, golf, hockey, volleyball, tennis, football, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. At the core of each class is a developmental focus, such as hand-eye coordination, flexibility, balance, speed and agility and other key motor development milestones. More than just teaching children the basics of a new sport, Amazing Athletes teaches children essential life skills through sports.

“The opportunities provided through the Amazing Athletes program provides developmentally appropriate lessons to help a child develop his or her full potential in motor skills that are critical in building the foundation for formal learning,” said Bonnie J. Bruce, developmental learning specialist and founder of Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources.

According to Bruce, movement increases the capacity and number of brain vessels that deliver oxygen, water and glucose – all of which are essential to optimize brain performance.

“It has been said that we first learn to move, and then we move to learn,” she said. “By allowing children to use their bodies, they build the motor-control centers of their brains. Physical learning happens before abstract learning can take place.”

Research has shown that not only does a lack of physical activity hinder a young child’s physical health, but it can also jeopardize a child’s potential learning abilities as well.

“Children grow and develop according to their own inner timetable,” said Bruce. “As educators and those who work with young children, we must recognize and honor the unique development for each child.”

In an age where more and more playgrounds are being abandoned and physical education programs eliminated in favor of academic classroom learning, Amazing Athletes proves that children do, in fact, need movement and structured physical activity to boost brain function.

“At Amazing Athletes, our goal is not to breed the next generation of sports stars. It is about using structured physical activity to allow all children to reach their optimal potential – physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially and even academically,” said Dr. Janee Henderson, co-founder and vice president of Amazing Athletes. “Through our program, sports act as a developmental gateway, opening up opportunities for a child to build fundamental life skills like confidence, emotional and cognitive growth, concentration, patience, and healthy habits that last a lifetime.”

To learn more about Amazing Athletes or to find a provider near you, visit or call 888-228-3942.

About Amazing Athletes:

Amazing Athletes was founded in 2003 as a year-round preschool sports enrichment program helmed by trained coaches who teach children the fundamentals and mechanics of nine different sports including baseball, golf, hockey, volleyball, tennis, football, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. At the core of each class are developmental sports lessons, which focus on improving hand-eye coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and speed and agility with the measurable aim of achieving key motor development goals and milestones. The activities within each class teach more than just the basics of each sport, but the program also teaches children fundamental life skills through sport. Amazing Athletes works diligently to ensure its classes allow every child – no matter his or her ability, age or skill level – to build skills at their own pace within a non-competitive, learning-based environment that emphasizes patience, teamwork and self-confidence. To learn more about Amazing Athletes and its franchise opportunities, visit or call toll-free at (888) 228-3942.

About Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc.

Since 1984, Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc. has assessed over 135,000 children.  Bonnie Bruce, co-founder, holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from West Virginia Wesleyan College.  Additionally, she holds a MED in Special Education from Middle Tennessee State University, and completed post-graduate studies in testing and assessment.  Prior to the birth of the organization, both Ms. Bruce, and Ms. Chancy taught at all grade levels and served as resource specialists in the public school system in California.  Ms. Bruce also directed an institute for child development and has worked with school districts in developing early childhood intervention programs.  Sadly, Ms. Bruce’s partner and other co-founder to Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc., Barbara Chancy, passed away in November 2003.  Prior to her death, Ms. Chancy was instrumental in developing and field-testing this assessment tool.

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