Amazing Athletes featured in Tulsa People Magazine!

One dream, one team

Once a month, coaches of Amazing Athletes of Eastern Oklahoma give their time to work with children at The Little Light House, a development center for children with special needs.

In a two- to three-hour class, Amazing Athletes coaches conduct sports programs and work with developmental experts at The Little Light House to improve the children’s gross motor skills and teach them the fundamentals of nine sports.

Within these classes, the children work toward their individual goals through cooperative play and fitness. This benefits them in more areas than one.

“A significant amount of learning in other domains, such as social, emotional, language and cognitive skills, are enhanced by motor play and activities,” says Julie Wilson, director of therapy at The Little Light House.

The partnership began in 2014 when Amazing Athletes owner Michael Ambergoffered his award-winning youth sports program to the organization, hoping to help children with disabilities reach their athletic potential.

“No matter the disability, we want these kids to experience the same success and accomplishments as every other child,” Amberg says. “It is the most rewarding thing I have done since I started coaching.”

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