From “The Magic Years” to the Golden Years, Amazing Athletes develops life skills through sports

Child development expert Selma Fraiberg, PhD once dubbed the age of preschoolers as “The Magic Years” – and for good reason.

To a preschool-aged child, the world is a wondrous place filled with mystery and awe. How a child copes with the world during this critical stage in early childhood development is essential to his or her development in areas such as problem solving, cognitive and motor skills, conflict resolution and confidence.

Many of these understandings about the world are fostered through play and interactivity. Amazing Athletes was created with that in mind. Through our classes, children learn to follow directions, improve coordination and balance, and develop other key life skills through sports – and all while having fun and getting essential physical activity during their day.

While your child may simply find our classes to be a fun way to channel energy, parents should see more than that. Our classes are used as a method of physical activity that does much more than help improve their child’s physical health, but their mental health and cognitive reasoning as well. Additionally, children are able to achieve greater control of their bodies and spatial awareness through physical activity, which also gives them confidence that transcends into other, non-physical activities as well.

Although it is important to continue learning, playing and developing essential life skills throughout one’s life – all the way up to one’s Golden Years — it is essential to get your child off to a great start in life by ensuring your child has access to the greatest opportunity to learn, grow and develop during their wondrous Magic Years.

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