Texas triathlon inspires kids to get healthy

HealthWatch Kids Triathlon to hit the streets Sept. 28

Texas kids are getting healthy in a fun way during the Amazing Athletes-sponsored HealthWatch Kids Triathlon on Sept. 28 in Keller, TX.

What began several years ago as a Halloween-day sprint has grown into a full-blown kids triathlon coinciding with the city’s annual Rock the Park celebration. At the triathlon, children ages 4-13 will swim in the Keller Natatorium, bike on a car-free Bear Creek Parkway and run on the beautiful Keller trails. The event gives children and families the opportunity to get moving in a fun new way for one of the biggest triathlon events of the year, and Amazing Athletes of North Central Texas will be there to catch all of the action.

“This is one of the biggest triathlon events of the year, and kids come from all over the surrounding area to participate,” said Justin Draper, owner of Amazing Athletes of North Central Texas. “It is important for our youth to be involved in events such as this to instill that seed of a good lifestyle of health, which will grow and flourish as they get older.”

Draper saw the HealthWatch Kids Triathlon as the perfect opportunity for Amazing Athletes to get involved, teaching children about the immense benefits of health and fitness.

“At Amazing Athletes, we are trying combat childhood obesity through sports and being active,” he said. “It is our belief that in doing this at a young age the likelihood of the child being obese or unhealthy later in life dramatically lessens.”

Draper will not only be at the event as an Amazing Athletes representative and sponsoring partner, but he will also be cheering on his own amazing four-year-old son who is participating in the triathlon himself.

“The excitement he has, not just at the finish but throughout the races and triathlons, is more than any amount toys or video games he could ever receive,” he said. “Events like this teach our children important life lessons. My son knows that only through hard work he can strive thanks to these events.”

Draper said he has witnessed a sedentary lifestyle that has become more and more present in today’s youth, and he hopes to help turn the childhood obesity epidemic around through sports and activity.

“We at Amazing Athletes feel that a challenge should be laid down, not to become a super athlete, but an amazing one. I challenge each person to find something that they personally would think is a goal just out of reach and accomplish it,” he said. “Whether it be a one-mile run, a marathon or the HealthWatch triathlon next year – push yourself.”

All proceeds from the event will benefit the Keller Independent School District’s athletic fund. The transition area will open at 7 a.m., and a mandatory meeting with kids and family will take place at 7:40 a.m. at Keller Natatorium. Races begin at 8 a.m. with post-party treats available at 9 a.m. To learn more about the race or to sign up now, visit http://www.dallasathletesracing.com/races/kids-health-watch-triathlon/.

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